Neuromuscular Disease

Exercise training


  • Katherine Jones

  • Djordje Jakovljevic

  • Mike Trenell

  • Roger Whittaker

  • Douglass Turnbull

  • Gráinne Gorman.


Understand the effects of high intensity intermittent exercise, moderate intensity continuous exercise and educational intervention on fitness, task performance and barriers to exercise in people with neuromuscular weakness conditions and limited physical activity

Research Overview:

Exercise can improve fitness and task performance in everyday activities but how can we optimise these benefits? We do not yet know how different ‘doses’ of exercise affect people with long term neuromuscular weakness conditions. This study will involve task performance tests and DNA analyses, metabolic and neurophysiology assessments to help understand the effects of different exercise programmes

Research Importance:

This randomised controlled trial evaluates exercise dose-response for exercise prescription.