Metabolic Disease

Effects of exercise on gut microbiota


Effects of exercise on gut microbiota



    1. To assess whether exercise can impact upon the gut microbiota irrespective of weight loss and dietary intervention.

    Research Overview:

    Research has shown that there are interactions between the bacteria present in the digestive system and the risk of developing chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, liver disease, mitochondrial dysfunction and obesity amongst others. There is also evidence that weight loss and lifestyle modification can significantly alter the bacteria which is associated with improved health. There is also evidence in animal models that exercise can alter the bacteria and this in turn had significant in health status.

    Research Importance:

    This study will determine whether exercise is able to alter the gut microbiota independent of weight loss, and whether this also improves health status. This will also allow for exercise to be tailored to individuals who struggle to maintain a healthy weight through diet and lifestyle.