Neuromuscular Disease

Cognitive Function and Mitochondrial Disease


Cognitive Function and Mitochondrial Disease


  • Ian Deary


Investigate long-term changes in cognitive function of patients with mitochondrial disease.

Research Overview:

Cognitive impairment and dementia are commonly reported in case studies of patients with mitochondrial disease. However, very little systematic research has been conducted with larger numbers of participants, or looking at cognitive change over time. Patients with mitochondrial disease will be tested with a number of neuropsychological assessments over an 18 month period and compared to healthy age- and education-matched controls.

This study will provide more in depth information about the cognitive functioning of patients with mitochondrial disease, and changes in cognition over a longer time span than previously investigated.

Research Importance:

This study will develop understanding of the cognitive difficulties facing individuals with mitochondrial disease, in order to facilitate assessment of treatment options and allow planning of future care, patient education and caregiver support.