We all know that we should move more, yet most of us still spend most of the day working at a computer, watching television or in the car. Our lives have changed dramatically over the past 20years with technologies helping with everything from washing up to walking up stairs.

It is no coincidence that as we are moving less in our everyday lives that the number of people with metabolic conditions like heart disease and Type 2 diabetes are rising. It is also no coincidence that as we grow older, that our ability to move and think is linked with how active we are.

MoveLab is helping understand the effects of being more physically active on the body and its ability to function. Importantly being active doesn’t mean going to the gym (though you can if you wish), it just means moving more.

We are also giving people like you the knowledge and skills to be more active. There are some very simple things that you can do to make sure that the chances of you receiving the benefits of being active are at their highest.

The team are also training doctors, nurses and anybody involved in your clinical care about how to help you too.