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MoveLab at the UK Translational Muscular Research Conference

MoveLab researcher Cecilia recently attended the UK Translational Muscular Research Conference in Oxford, a two day seminar day hosted by the MRC Centre for Neuromuscular Diseases and Muscular Dystrophy UK. This annual conference was a platform to showcase the outstanding research going on in this country designed to narrow the...
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MoveLab’s Jane Newman receives PhD

MoveLab’s Jane Newman, a senior physiotherapist in the NHS, has successfully defended her doctoral thesis. Jane is part of the growing cadre of nurses and allied health professionals who are leading research at Newcastle Hospitals Trust. Jane’s research answered the question: ‘Is exercise beneficial for patients with mitochondrial disease and...
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MoveLab paper HIITs the headlines

MoveLab’s recently-released 2016 Diabetologia paper has been receiving widespread press attention – ranging from mentions in Nature Reviews Endocrinology to the Daily Mail newspaper! In the video below Sophie Cassidy provides a short summary of the HIIT study findings. This project formed part of Sophie’s PhD thesis, which she successfully defended...
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