Physical Activity & Exercise Research

Physical activity and physical fitness are important attributes of achieving lifelong health and wellbeing. Maintaining a physically active lifestyle influences many aspects of our everyday lives we take for granted; from how much we socialise, to the development of age related diseases and living longer.

Being more physically active reduces mortality and extends life expectancy. Being physically active also delays the onset of chronic diseases; from cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer to cognitive complications such as Alzheimer’s Dementia and Parkinson’s Disease. In older people, physical activity helps maintain physical function, delaying the onset of disability, and increasing the chances and decreasing the duration of recovery from disability.

The burning questions are:

Why are so many of us sedentary?

How can we help people move more?


How can we help people move more? MoveLab is tackling these questions by taking physical activity and exercise away from being generic ‘lifestyle advice’ and showing the What, Why and How to make moving more an essential component of lifelong health and wellbeing. MoveLab is part of Newcastle University and brings together doctors, physiotherapists, physiologists, psychologists, designers and engineers to take on one of the simplest and grandest challenges of our time – how can we sit less and move more to live a little healthier.