Unhealthy lifestyle behaviours cluster together in those with cardio-metabolic disease

MoveLab has recently published a new paper in the BMJ Open on the clustering of unhealthy lifestyle behaviours in people with cardio-metabolic disease.

Data from 233,100 UK adults shows that those with cardio-metabolic disease perform less physical activity, sit for longer watching television and have poorer sleep duration compared to healthy individuals. The image below shows how analysis of this data has revealed a shift towards the unhealthy (red) side of the chart with cardio-metabolic disease progression.

Sophie Cassidy and Professor Mike Trenell performed this analysis in collaboration with Professor Adrian Bauman and Dr Josephine Chau of the University of Sydney. Data was collected from the UK Biobank, and self-report lifestyle behaviours were compared in healthy adults and those with cardio-metabolic disease. Interestingly, physical activity, television sitting and sleep duration clustered together so that those with cardio-metabolic disease were more likely to report all three unhealthy lifestyle behaviours compared to just one. This suggests that multiple lifestyle behaviours should be targeted in future interventions. Future analysis is planned to investigate the prospective relationships between lifestyle and cardio-metabolic health.

Read the paper online at the BMJ Open