MoveLab’s Jane Newman receives PhD

MoveLab’s Jane Newman, a senior physiotherapist in the NHS, has successfully defended her doctoral thesis. Jane is part of the growing cadre of nurses and allied health professionals who are leading research at Newcastle Hospitals Trust.

Jane’s research answered the question: ‘Is exercise beneficial for patients with mitochondrial disease and how do we best measure symptoms of mitochondrial disease and the effects of an exercise intervention?’ Jane’s research results have demonstrated that improvements were seen in exercise capacity after an exercise intervention. However, no changes were reported in functional tasks such as rising from a chair or walking.

PhD is the ‘driving licence’ of research. It is an indication that the person has undergone robust research training and can undertake research independently, without supervision.

Jane is already actively pursuing her next research project, and will be investigating the use of clinical reported outcomes in research into mitochondrial disease. Jane also continues to work as a clinician, delivering patient care in the Trust.

Jane’s research contributes to the delivery of the Trust’s Strategy for Nursing, Midwife and Allied Health Research. This Strategy seeks to substantially increase nurse, midwife and allied health professional engagement and leadership in research, and the positive impact such research and improvement has on patient care.

MoveLab and the Newcastle Hospitals Trust wish Jane big congratulations on her achievement!